Can Uganda avoid the Oil Curse

From the Chairman:

Our Guest Writer on the topic, “Delayed payments is a silent killer of local contractors”, writes: “The Construction Industry in Uganda takes a lion’s  share of our National Budget. According to the proposed 2018/2019 National Budget of Shs 21.9 trillion, about 40% of this or Shs9.0 trillion will go to Construction Works. But Ugandan local companies will be very lucky to pick even 30% of their share, ie Shs2.7 trillion. It is said that this is because local contractors lack technical capacity to execute the works effectively. This should raise eyebrows of any well-meaning Ugandan about this flight of capital from our economy….”

 However, 8M Construction Digest believes that the problem is deeper. It is a sign of corruption in the construction industry or lack of seriousness or failure to utilize our local human and other resources to create Value for Money projects.

A wound or abscess pains the patient. As the doctor treats the wound or abscess, the patient experiences more pain. Thereafter there is peace. The patient does not curse the doctor. S/he thanks him.

Uganda’s construction industry is sick, if the several past, ongoing and possibly future No-Value-for-Money projects and other ills are examples to go by. In this issue, we have articles that “hurt the patient”, those who may be responsible for neglect, omissions or failure to unearth fundamental problems and solutions of the construction industry.

Who is killing the local contractor, if not Ugandans? Who possibly failed to create better Value for Money on the Dams and Bridges along the River Nile, if not Ugandans? These articles and many more in the issue may hurt the culprits. At 8M Construction Digest, we believe that we are simply unearthing problems and solutions to the construction industry for the fundamental development of Uganda. We publish these views so that the culprits and more Ugandans learn. Ugandans are the best doctors of ourselves. Please forgive us!

Lastly, we wish you all prosperous Easter 2018 festivities.

For more guest writing, comments and views, contact us.JWB Mwesigwa MSc Eng. M.U.P.E, Reg. Eng.

+256 772 431 465. h.mwesigwa@8mconstruction.com digest@8mconstruction.com www.8mconstruction.com

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