National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) is taking giant strides to ensure more Ugandans access safe clean water. NWSC is a public water utility wholly owned by the Government of Uganda, providing water and sewerage services in 250 towns, serving over 10 million people.

The Corporation’s strategic focus is to ensure water for all, while promoting innovations that will contribute to the socio–economic growth and transformation of Uganda while conserving the environment. This is in line with the overarching Government Policy of universal coverage as enshrined in the Vision 2040, National Development Plan (NDP II), Government (NRM) Manifesto, and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 6).

Over the past five years, the Corporation has rolled out a number of Performance Improvement Programmes aimed at improving service delivery and enhancing service coverage. These include among others;

  • Infrastructure Service Delivery Programme (ISDP)
  • Water Supply Stabilisation Plans (WSSP)
  • 100% Service Coverage Acceleration Programme (SCAP 100)
  • Capital Development Projects
  • Water Loss Prevention Programmes
  • Stakeholder Engagement Programmes
  • Environmental Protection Programmes
  • Staff Capacity Development undertakings

The Corporation has since registered remarkable growth and improvement in most of its key performance indicators among which include:


Growth in Geographical Coverage: The Corporation has reached out to more Ugandans, through takeover of towns from 27 towns in 2013 to 250 towns currently. The Corporation’s service coverage is estimated to serve over 10 million people within in its Areas jurisdiction.

Water Production: NWSC has upgraded its production infrastructure to augment service delivery through the implementation of capital development and Water Supply Stabilisation Plans (WSSP). The corporation’s production capacity has grown to 480,000m3 per day (480 million litres).

Water Pipe Network (Km):  The Corporation expanded its water network through the installation of new water mains to pave way for accelerated installation of new connections and improve access to safe water. The total water pipe network has more than doubled from 5,670 Km in 2013 to 15,705 Km.

Customer Base: The NWSC customer base has grown by 97% from 2013 to 653,196 current customers. The average number of new connections installed per annum has grown to over 50,000. This is attributed to expansion of the pipe network and increased customer outreach.

Pro-poor Initiatives:  Service to the less-advantaged communities through installation of public taps with a subsidized tariff. Currently, the Corporation is installing over 1000 Public Stand Posts (PSPs) across the Kampala service area. The Corporations target for the FY 2018/19 is to install 8,500 new public taps across the country

Sewer Mains:   The annual sewer extensions have increased from less than 1 Km per annum to over 20 Km Per annum. In addition, deliberate interventions are being under taken especially in Kampala to increase sewer coverage under the protection of Lake Victoria – Kampala Sanitation Project. The Corporation is also preparing a proposal for a Sanitation Investment Plan, which will mainly involve the construction of public toilets in the different Areas, and minor sanitation investments.

Catchment / Source protection: Environmental protection is crucial to the sustainability of the Corporation’s business given the impact it poses on water sources. The Corporation has undertaken a number of initiatives to safeguard the environment among which include:

  • Community sensitisation campaigns especially among the youth through the School Water and Sanitation (SWAS) Clubs, Water Community Communication Clubs, and Young Water Professionals (YWPs).
  • Planting of trees; over 900,000 trees have been planted under the one million tree campaign in all NWSC Areas.
  • Other catchment protection undertakings include; rehabilitation of water sources, demarcation of land & ownership, protecting embranchment of water sources, and adherence to environmental and social safeguards in implementation of major capital projects and other operational activities.

100% Service Coverage Acceleration Project (SCAP 100):  The project, being financed by NWSC together with the Government, aims at providing safe water to 100% of the population in all villages under NWSC jurisdiction (at least 12,000 villages). The project aims at ensuring universal and equitable access to safe water supply in all villages under NWSC jurisdiction by 2020.

Summary of NWSC performance over 5 years

Key Performance Indicator 2013/












Water Services
Number of Towns (Nos.) 66 110 170 218 236 250
Water Service Coverage (%) 77 76 78 78 84 84%
Water Production (million m3) 94 100 106 121 126 134
Water supply (Million m3) 93 96 103 116 120 127
Water Sales (Million m3) 61 66 74 80 83 89
Non-Revenue Water (%) 34 31 28 31 31 30
New Water Connections (Nos.) 28,068 33,982 38,836 40,712 50,341 63,385
Total Water Connections (Nos.) 366,330 418,031 472,193 524,657 587,863 653,196
New Public Stand posts (Nos.) 921 924 1,129 1,164 3,342 3,388
Total Public Stand posts (Nos.) 9,638 10,562 10,841 10,424 12,305 16,509
New water mains extensions (Km) 470 1,341 888 911 2,021 2,060
Total water pipe network (Km) 6,994 8,525 9,960 12,113 14,466 15,997
Sewerage Services
Sewerage Service coverage (%) 6 6 6 6 21 21
New Sewer Connection (Nos.) 360 235 388 316 272 407
Total Sewer Connections (Nos.) 18,810 19,045 20,355 21,072 21,616 22,360
New Sewer extensions (Km) 17 38 19 22 24 32
Financial Performance
Billing (Billion) – (Ushs.) -VAT Inc. 196 225 292 347 390 433
Collections (Billion) – (Ushs.) – VAT Inc. 154 199 284 323 385 442

In the spirit of continued innovation and the need for increased productive and allocative efficiency, NWSC with the support of the Government will continue investing part of the Surplus from its business operations into infrastructure development projects so as to ensure adequate water supply to the growing population.