Beam Power Technology To Produce Electricity From Gravity

Is there a way of producing electricity using gravity or mechanical energy? Mr John Bwengye will tell you yes.

A few years ago the 8M Technical team met and liaised with Mr John Bwengye, a mechanical engineer who is in advanced stages of producing electricity from mechanical energy using gravity. He explained the concept of his innovation briefly as below:

The technology provides a single and a three-phase electricity-generating systems using the ever available gravity. “I made use of gravity and a see-saw device to establish different forces moving up and down under gravity and a system of springs. In this way, I invented a system that perpetually stays in motion, thus producing mechanical energy, which I can transform into electricity,” Bwengye said. He added that he devised another system which uses and transforms the mechanical energy into electrical energy.

“As simple as that?” I asked. “No”, he replied, “it has taken me six solid years of research and juggling with systems and engineering!” Bwengye is currently looking for a partner to develop the idea to a commercial level. He has a workshop and a garage. “I have personally used lathe machines and all other tools, equipment and machinery in developing the idea. All I need is a partner, with whom to polish the technology,” he ended.

Mr Bwengye can be contacted through: The Editor, 8M Construction Digest, Plot 8 Wamala Avenue, Bukoto, Kampala. +256772431465 digest@8mconstruction. com.