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In this issue, we bring you several upcoming products innovatively and locally made by using science and technology. Some are still in form of dreams needing researchers, scholars and the business community to complete the jig-saw puzzle and get rich. And that is the way to go if Ugandans want to modernize and add value to products using locally available resources for fundamental social, economic and technological development! At 8M, we pride ourselves in availing this INFORMATION for our readers’ IMAGINATION and INNOVATION!

By showing where, when and why to replace steel reinforcement bars with the more cost-effective fibre reinforcement bars (FRB), the MRG Composites team led by Konstantin Gorchakov is showing how the construction industry can cut costs while retaining value and quality. Let us use the information. The Hilton Hotel project came to Uganda and disappeared mysteriously: in its place arose a Pearl Africa Hotel. But a local entrepreneur, Dr. Dan Twebaze, has innovatively brought it back along with lots of ‘local content’ in the form of consultants, builders and service providers on Kyadondo Road, Kampala. We hope to bring to you continuously the construction story of this local product that is recognized by the ‘Hilton Hotel’ international brand.

Bravo to the student leaders Angel Nagawa (third-year Mechanical Engineering) and Edwin Muramuzi (fourth-year Civil Engineering), both of Kyambogo University. They led conquerors to a Nairobi international students science and technology conference, where two of the Ugandan exhibitors won the first and second prizes for using science and technology to innovate: a ‘mobile application for hostels’ location’ and a ‘local-resources-made water filter’.

But the idea explosion of “How to harness the Sipi Falls potential without ‘touching’ it!” by Kenneth Kacondoozi, the 8M Technical dreamer-writer, challenges the minds of policymakers and a combination of the old and experienced civil and structural engineers, dam designers and hydropower construction specialists, as well as professionals and specialists of various shades to change the Kacondoozi dream into a reality! Consider cottages built right on site and boosting the tourism industry. The Ministers of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities and Science, Technology and Innovation need to fund a completion! We are willing to coordinate the efforts.

Till the next issue.

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