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We challenge our readership, particularly the government technocrats, scholars in universities, professionals and the relevant business community to read our symposia’s and publications’ topics, research and use the results to act for the social, economic and technological development of Uganda!

In the outgoing events on page 4, under the topic, “Exploitation of lake levels for hydropower in Uganda”, Hon Eng Hilary Onek labours to show how we can harness a whopping 1,500MW of power from one single source on the River Nile at a less cost than we paid to get 1,230MW from the four dams of Kiira, Bujagali, Isimba and Karuma put together! At least, let government technocrats, independent researchers and professionals prove him wrong, so he challenges us! And 8M Construction Digest agrees, not for the love of Onek’s neck but for the mission and vision we stand for!
When the idea of fibreglass reinforcement plastics in construction surfaced on the 8M Information Forum six months ago, some laughed it off, unaware about the power of information. Only reading, research and action will prove otherwise. Government through Uganda Development Corporation and its technocrats need to nose around and work with or assist on-the-ground MRG-Composites LLC, ‘producers of the stronger, lighter and cheaper MRG Composites that can replace steel as a reinforcement in selected aspects of construction’ to decrease construction costs and revolutionalise it! Read page 8
The prefabricated system of construction (prefabs) has gathered dust in construction archives. Only the relevant technocrats in the Ministry of Education, Health, etc, and teachers in universities can reawaken the idea by researching and acting on, “How to make an appropriate prefab system for Uganda”.
Look, Dr Nabatanzi’s “Cactus in construction” (page 14), Eng Kweronda’s and Architect Mbabazi’s themes on “the poor maintenance culture” (pages 6 and 7 respectively) need reading, research and action for development!
What are the merits and demerits of forwarding construction bidding using the hard copies or soft copies or both? (see page 14) We challenge PPDA to read us, research and adopt an appropriate bidding system for Uganda using the new e-procurement technology which according to Eng Darlington Sakwa and Eng Dr Anania Mbabazi (see page 21), has more advantages!
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