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[11/4, 5:48pm] Eng Dr Charles Wana Etyem: )A few minutes ago) I passed through the Entebbe-Kampala Expressway and I noticed the apparent lack of minimum care. The road is littered with plastic bottles or bags, grass is slowly but surely moving to the edges of the road towards the pavement and more worryingly, plants/grass are growing in the expansion joints and base of the barricades on the long bridge near the EBB Toll Station. Our Uganda National Roads Authority colleagues on this forum should check the authenticity of my observation and do something about it. The country has invested a lot of money on the road and efforts should be made to undertake minimum maintenance. Furthermore, the Expressway being the gateway to our country, what will visitors coming in for the first time think? The road is untidy.

[11/4, 5:54pm] Eng Allan Thanks for the feedback, Engineer. Let’s take up this report with the Project and Maintenance Team. We’re currently procuring a firm that will manage both tolling and maintenance. It’s ongoing. In the meantime, however, I’m certain we can roll out a programme to maintain this beautiful facility!

[11/4, 5:56pm] Eng Dr Francis Baziraake: What will visitors coming to Uganda for the first time think? I guess they inform themselves before!

[11/4, 5:56pm] Alpato BKA 2: Your observations are correct! I use the Expressway on a daily basis. The liter by plastic bottles and kaveera is the result of irresponsible users of the road like all other road users who have turned the roads to a garbage disposal area.

[11/4, 5:58pm] Eng Julius Musiimenta Bakeine: I have also noticed run-off accumulating in the valleys of steep descents when it is raining.

[11/4, 6:24pm] Eng. Daudi Mugisa: How about the other roads, e.g. the Kampala-Gulu Highway is littered on both sides with plastic bottles and bags. Can you not engage the PSVs to ensure they provide bins in their vehicles and also to warn passengers to use them!

[11/4, 6:37pm] Eng Darlington Sakwa: It will be an indictment on UNRA if this road deteriorates before it is used to recover its costs. I believe we have a cultural problem in Uganda of not providing for maintenance of what we build or acquire. During the Y2K verification and remedial exercise in 1999, I visited the Meteorological Department at Entebbe and, to my shock, high-speed colour and monochrome photocopiers which were less than a year old were abandoned on the verandahs of the offices just because the toner supplied with them by the donors had run out! These units were waiting to be committed to auction and sold for a song!

[11/4, 11:10pm] Allan The littering habit goes beyond public service vehicles. In fact, some buses now have provided for litter bins. We have drivers of personal cars who will litter at any spot. It requires a concerted effort towards behaviour change even as UNRA’s road maintenance team clean the highways.

[11/4, 11:17pm] Eng Allan Update on Entebbe expressway maintenance: The process to secure a private operator for operation and maintenance of the road is ongoing. This may take some time but in the interim, a contract has been procured, cleared and will be signed sooner [than later]. Works to start immediately.

[11/4, 11:20pm] Eng Livingstone Kangere: UNRA should sponsor regular educative programmes/announcements on radio and TV. Other sponsors should also be found. Otherwise the morals of our society are going too low.

[11/5, 7:13am] Dr John Bahana: We need to examine our inner selves, for the external automatically adjusts. Do drivers think of visitors before throwing garbage out of car windows?

[11/5, 8:00am] Eng Sakwa Darlington: Shame on us!

[11/5, 8:04am] Edison Mwebaze: Maintenance, maintenance and maintenance.

[11/5, 8:08am] Eng Apollo Buregyeya: Especially that it’s made in China: “Low” initial investment cost and high maintenance cost. It will give us good experience on infrastructure maintenance.



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