By Eng. Hans JWB Mwesigwa

History teaches a fool. We bring you a series of how our massive infrastructure was made, as requested by our readers, so that we learn from history the good, the bad and the ugly about those projects in comparison with the ones we construct today.

In weaving the story, emphasis will be laid on how Value for Money (VfM) was planned and achieved, or vice-versa. The historical management of the projects will bring out the feasibility or needs assessment studies, the planning, the design, the construction and the maintenance aspects. It is our hope that these will be useful to professionals, the policy makers, the academia and the business community.

We have already received a wish list on the following, and in this order:

1) The Jinja Railway Steel-Bridge across the River Nile, built in 1929 and completed in 1931;

2) The Nalubaale (Owen Falls Dam)  across the River Nile at Jinja, built from 1952 to 1954;

3) The New Nile Jinja Bridge, completed in 2018;

4) The on-going Karuma Dam;

5) The Kazinga Channel bridge between Lake George and Lake Edward

6) The New Mulago Hospital, built around 1960

7) The Fort Lugard at Nakasero

8) The (now destroyed) infrastructure of 1930s for Nyakasura School which produced electricity and mechanical power using the Nyakasura river.

In the next issue, we propose to write about the Jinja Railway Steel-Bridge which was constructed from 1926 and completed in 1929 costing 70,000 Pounds Sterling only, which is about to-day’s Shs350million only! Yet it used cost effective engineering methods that have seen it survive and thrive up to date!

We request readers to send more of the wish list about massive projects in:

Water and Sanitation; Roads and Highways; Buildings and structures; Energy and Facilities, etc.

We request those with information, comments or questions on any of the topics above, or on any other relevant topics to contact us below.  8M is ready to serve you.


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