The so-called oil curse can only be avoided if Ugandans understand as much as possible about the Oil and Gas industry from various points of view, but mainly the technical and technological one. This series is brought to you by the technical writers of 8M Construction Digest, in collaboration with M/s Walmat Engineering and Automation Systems Ltd who are experts in pipeline systems installations, commissioning and refinery. The series will write about the social, economic and technological reasons that cause success in the industry, thus stopping the oil curse. In a nutshell, the oil curse is due to mismanagement of resources, from the inception, planning and implementation stage up to the ‘enjoyment’ stage of selling the products. Oil can kill life. Oil can cripple a government’s erstwhile flourishing enterprises and systems, causing social, economic, political and technological breakdown. Oil can cause a breakdown of the country’s strategic mindset resulting in economic chaos and untold inflation and disasters. Ask Venezuela with a current run-away inflation of 1000%. Ask Nigeria that spent so massively out of ‘the oil boom’ which nearly brought the giant nation to its knees. Ask Saudi Arabia that amassed sophisticated arms bought using the oil cash, which arms ‘came in handy’ to wage a civil war among their kith and kin! The articles will suggest cost-effective solutions to avoid the oil curse.
This educational and informative series will have three themes: (1) the construction, commissioning and operationalizing of the pipeline; (2) the refinery; and (3) crosscutting issues. Each theme will bring out Value-for-Money (VfM) aspects. These will be shown by giving the cost implications of doing the work, with examples. The articles will present findings using the internationally recognized VfM Tool.
Value for Money (VfM) in regard to the crude oil pipeline and the refinery will be looked at as a systematic, purposeful, organized and objective examination of the forms of contract intended to deliver the entire infrastructure, as set out in a master-plan, if it is there. Scores will be determined. An equation will used to determine the VfM:
VfM = E1 + E2 + E3 + E4

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