Some time ago, 8M Construction Digest said that Uganda is a massive construction project. If this view is carried into productivity, innovation, the economy, research in science, technology, infrastructure building and other areas, inseparably tied to the mindset of value for money at industrial level, it will help lift Uganda out of the pack of least developed countries.

Consequently, we have said, there should be a paradigm shift among the leaders, policy-makers, the business community, professionals like engineers and architects and the like who implement the policies, and other movers and shakers.

One way we can, as a nation, show this paradigm shift is by taking our raw materials (local resources) and turning them into tools of industrial development. For this reason, this theme runs through the current issue. You will find the article “Can Uganda avoid the oil curse?” Then Dr Alice Nabatanzi, the PhD in phytochemistry and neutraceuticals, will engage you about papyrus. As the Government works hard to see the standard gauge railway in place, 8M Construction Digest has “What shall we use for the railway sleepers?” Furthermore, Dr Patrick Rusongoza, the Senior Presidential Adviser on Infrastructure, takes you through what he considers world-class infrastructure, specifically relating it to the standard gauge railway. Dr Javilla Barugahare, a PhD in materials science, goes into something interesting for career guidance concerning materials science. There is still an article on a local raw material that has not been explored -glass: why do we import it from abroad in all its admirable forms when what makes it is all around us?

You will find a profile of Professor Barnabas Nawangwe, the Vice Chancellor of Uganda’s oldest and largest university, Makerere. An architect of repute in Africa, Professor Nawangwe rose to the pinnacle of Makerere University only a year ago: what is his vision for the institution?

There are regular articles which normally interest you, like ‘How Samson and Delilah built their dream home’, ‘Animals in Construction’ (the aardvark), ‘Mama Fundi’, ‘Leisure and Jokes’, Architect Verna Mbabazi, ‘Trailblazer’ (this time on steel in Uganda – is it manufacturing or repackaging?), ‘Classifieds’, and other adverts for your business development.

Have a good read.

Samuel Hadido

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