In the last issue, 8M Construction Digest highlighted the view, a brainchild of Professor Jackson Mwakali, that Uganda cannot leapfrog to developed-nation status. You cannot, Mwakali asserts, leapfrog into the Club of Developed Nations.

And long before Professor Mwakali, a Chinese sage said: “Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” For Prof Mwakali, the difficult things which are still easy for Uganda are putting in place an infrastructure which delivers efficiency and empowers Ugandans! The corollary to this, from Mwakali’s thesis, is that the ‘single step’ of the one-thousand-mile journey is the “paradigm shift” among the leaders, policymakers and the policy-implementers (particularly the engineers) to galvanise development in Uganda. Hence his article “Stand Up Engineers and Be Counted!” Part 2. Step out with a good infrastructure first, says Mwakali, and your journey of a thousand miles to developed rank will be real, NOT a mere wish!

The flip side of the corollary is mindset, the value-for-money outlook, belaboured by Eng Hans JWB Mwesigwa in his “Untold Story of Dams and Bridges on the River Nile”. If you keep counting the dams and bridges on the Nile on your fingers one by one and critiquing them under their builders, do you as a stakeholder see value-for-money out of them? Further, a nameless guest writer for this 8M Construction Digest issue complains that delayed payments in the construction industry are a silent killer of the local contractor, the goose that should lay the egg for Uganda. When you lump Eng Mwesigwa and the Guest Writer’s articles, you may catch the drift about VfM and development in Uganda.

And Dr Alice Nabatanzi, the PhD in phytochemistry and neutraceuticals, goes deep into the physical and chemical strengths of bamboo. She will certainly thrill you about its suitability. Learn about the compacting machine on roads; and how Samson and Delilah have gone to walling of their nest. There are many adverts and special pages which will give you the pleasure of doing business. Babcon is bringing a new product to stop erosion. Comfort Homes is flooding the market with ever better homes. From ‘Construction Indices and Values’, acquaint yourself with the spiralling prices on the market of construction. Till next issue, Happy Easter.


Samuel Hadido


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