Can Uganda avoid the Oil Curse

By Eng Hans JWB Mwesigwa  MSc Eng MUPE, Reg Eng

Technical Journalism is the word: Ugandans need technical information for development, but innovatively and journalistically woven. And our struggle continues to deliver on this. The upcoming stories on ‘How it works’, ‘The untold story of the Jinja Nile Bridge’, ‘Corruption in construction’ and others will boost struggles to achieve our objectives as enshrined in the 8Ms. We are on course to hold another symposium: A debate about a single hydropower scheme that could have yielded 1,400MW at US$2.06bn instead of the current expanded four dams yielding 1,200MW at a cost of US$4.04bn!

 The trumpet saying has changed thus: Do not sell your father’s land to buy a trumpet. If you do, on whose land will you blow the trumpet?

I understand Dr Mwakali’s lead article in this publication to mean that unless Ugandans stop selling our trumpet to foreigners (read methods, manpower and money ) when these resources are exhausted, who shall we run to for help? We therefore believe that when Ugandans and Africans compile, design and publish their own information

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for development, we shall obtain money for the trumpet at the same time retaining our land and sovereignty for blowing the trumpet on! Hence our call to professionals to publish with us.

We hail our advertisers and supporters and pledge to give out more to support their businesses.  

Last but not least is our thanks to members of the 8M Information Forum, a budding think tank of courageous professionals, policymakers, business gurus and academicians, who freely discuss issues of development on What’s up. So many issues have been ably tackled, including the Makerere University question of whether to do academics or business or both. See Trailblazing. And members are now disciplined in sticking to the objectives of the game: sharing and discussing technical information for development. We welcome more members. Just contact the Admin on+256 772 431 465.

Lastly, we wish you all a prosperous 2018.


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