Most Ugandans are completely reliant on natural resources for survival. Forests mostly provide fuel-wood and timber for construction. Because of this, Uganda loses about 6,000 hectares of forests every 30 days, and if no action is registered by 2050, Uganda’s per capita forest cover will be zero (NEMA, 2009). A number of districts have already lost their entire forest ecosystem while other districts have forest cover lower than 1%.

Whether meeting sustenance needs means clearing rainforests or drawing fish from Lake Victoria, the objective for many Ugandans is the same: survival. But could these practices make things even more difficult for Ugandans in future generations?

A residential house, for example, could take up to ten trees (depending on the tree and roof sizes) to have it roofed with clay tiles. The fastest growing trees will take not less than 15 years to grow to maturity. The issue however is that because the old trees have been cut down way before, the most utilized trees on the market are trees that are ten years old. If one house will take ten trees, and considering the prevailing construction rate in Uganda, the forecasts of deforestation may even come before we know it.


If we are to look at trees as a source of oxygen;

Oxygen taken by Human Being in a day = 3 cylinders

The cost of One Cylinder is USH 6,850/-

So the usage of Oxygen USH 20,550 per day

So the usage of oxygen is USH 7.5 Mn per Year

The average life of human being is 65 years

The approximate cost of oxygen per human being is working out USH 490 M.


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