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Sam Hadido – Editor

In the last issue, we put forward the view that as a nation Uganda is simply a mammoth construction project. Whichever way you turn – the seething cauldron of our politics, the economy (its stamina and deadweights), the society, the ethics, the morality, the spiritual, or the lopsided overall national development – Uganda is just one very massive construction project. Would that our nation’s leaders right from independence had seen it that way!

As a project, the Uganda we are working at should be a unique product delivering unique services, a unique result of an integrated developing nation, weaned from the current dysfunctional politics, an African Tiger on its way to developed-nation status (Very High Human Development Index).

In this regard, although 71% of the earth is water and only 29% land and Mother Nature keeps visiting the 29% with pitiless hurricanes, floods, wild fires, thirst, death (as in Trump’s America) and droughts and famine in Africa, here at home there is magic at the National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC). Through their ettofaali or lubimbi (if you don’t like the other one), they are working at the truth that Uganda is a huge construction project, making us believe their adage that ‘water is life and sanitation is health’.  Consequently, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Eng Dr Christopher Ebal, gave us an interview. From the horse’s mouth, there is vision in their mission, values, methods and strategies. They achieve because they walk the walk.

Elsewhere, Dr Alice Nabatanzi talks you through what she loves most – the chemistry of plants applied to life’s challenges regardless. Engineers Hans Mwesigwa and Ssebbugga Kimeze are concerned about value for money: Mwesigwa about loopholes in procurement and construction, Kimeze about laxity in construction. And Lydia Kirabo teaches about quantity surveying.

On 31 August, VP Edward Ssekandi launched Casa Marcella, a housing estate in Gayaza north of Kampala by Comfort Homes: what did he say?  On 23 November, Uganda will observe the African Industrialization Day in Jinja. UDC and Kiira Motors Corporation will lead the festivities. What will they showcase? Then the OBs of ‘SINIYA’, that is, Kigezi College Butobere, will celebrate their Diamond Jubilee on 17 February 2018.

There is much more: the spider an unsung engineer and architect in construction, Samson and Delilah, and Mama Fundi on the equator. Enjoy. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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