Eng. Hans JWB Mwesigwa, MSc Eng, MUIPE, Reg Eng

8M Construction Digest continues to research for and publish construction, engineering and technical information for social, economic and technological development.

Aluta continua. We held the first construction symposium and we look forward to holding others. Read about it on the news and events page. In the next proposed symposium, we want to debate a single power scheme that could have yielded 1,400MW at US$2.06bn instead of the current expanded four dams yielding 1,200MW at a cost of 4.04bn!

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Helping stakeholders in the construction industry to expand their business is our aim; hence the articles, adverts and advertorials we carry. It is gratifying that home builders, such as Comfort Homes, have come in, singing out their quality homes and the costs involved.  And we hope that courtesy of our publications, quality will stay on the rise while costs to the home buyer come down.

Joint venture business such as YMR and MACE are coming to the Ugandan and East African market. We welcome them. We encourage more professionals to join hands with the business community and the policy-makers to make a better construction industry. 8M Construction Digest pledges to stay the unifier of all construction-related businesses.

We have developed a side dish on WhatsApp: The 8M Information Forum, which is generating more information. Read the Trailblazer. We encourage the stakeholders to join in and share views on a 24-hour basis. Just send me your telephone line and we hook you.

Lastly, trust us with your information and simply, let us blow your trumpet!

Stay in touch with the factors needed for a successful construction and any other business:

Mindset, Markets, Methods, Management, Money, Materials, Manpower and Machinery.


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