QUESTION: Is there a way of producing electricity using mechanical energy?                 By Edidia Okello, student of research in renewable energy, Kampala

ANSWER: Dear Okello, I recently met and liaised with a Mr John Bwengye, a mechanical engineer who is in advanced stages of producing electricity from mechanical energy. Bwengye is actually seeking partners and funders for his innovation. He explained the concept of his innovation as below:


The technology provides a single and a three-phase electricity-generating systems using the ever available gravity.

“I made use of gravity and a see-saw device to establish different forces moving up and down under gravity and a system of springs. In this way, I invented a system that perpetually stays in motion, thus producing mechanical energy, which I can transform into electricity,” Bwengye said.  He added that he devised another system which uses and transforms the mechanical energy into electrical energy.

“As simple as that?” I asked. “No”, he replied, “it has taken me six solid years of research and juggling with systems and engineering!”

Bwengye is currently looking for a partner to develop the idea to commercial level. He has a workshop and a garage.  “I have personally used lathe machines and all other tools, equipment and machinery in developing the idea. All I need is a partner, with whom to polish the technology,” he ended.

Mr Bwengye can be contacted through:

The Editor, 8M Construction Digest, Plot 8 Wamala Avenue, Bukoto, Kampala. +256772431465

You also have to inform them about your hire writer convictions about the field you have chosen.

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